bijoux bizarres

For Mediterranean people that love and study ancienty, it is common knowledge that there is some kind of design ‘continuity’ across geography and across time. Similar design patterns appear in pottery, sculpture and metalwork of Greece, Cyprus, Asia Minor, Italy and Spain. These patterns have also ‘travelled’ from ancient, hellenistic, roman and byzantine periods to modern times and to the present. This is not unexpected and surprising given that Mediterranean countries are interconnected with their history and religion. They are all influenced by the same mythical and historical personas and experience life through similar states of mind.


Beauty, greatness but also drama and contradiction are important elements of the Mediterranean DNA. ‘bijoux bizarres’ collections have approached this heritage by imagining key female roles. Helen of Troy, Ariadne, Clytemnestra, Empress Theodora are only a few of them. Their jewellery, hair and clothe ornaments have been transformed appropriately in order to give glow to modern divinas, princesses and heroines. The creative team of ‘bijoux bizarres’ believes that there is a mythical woman or a legendary man in each one of us. This is what they try to highlight every time they design a new piece of jewellery. In one sentence, bijoux bizarres are mythical jewellery for real people!


‘bijoux bizarres’ model pieces are created with the ancient technique of repousseé, which requires several hours of hand-hammering silver leaves on pitch. Each design is produced in limited copies and is made of sterling silver gold-plated, semi-precious stones and freshwater pearls. In some occasions, silver elements may also be combined with embroidery, handmade macramé and plexi, resulting in unexpected, fashionable creations. ‘bijoux bizarres’ are available at “The Shop” of the internationally acknowledged Benaki Museum, Athens, and several 5* hotel boutiques across the Greek islands. They have also been presented at the “Art Athina” exhibition, “A Jewel Made in Greece” European Parliament exhibition, Pulse & Mono Space in London.