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Loga di Lusso is a jewel and object independent designer inspired by art, history, colours, nature and mainly the beauty in any aspect of it. Influenced by her couturier mother and being a passionate and unconventional personality herself, she made her first attempts in designing jewels, ten years ago, merely to express herself and match her outfits with unique creations which would enhance her personalized style. Soon after the first creation, she started to create exclusive designs for jewellery aficionados. After years of work developing her signature design philosophy, she launched “Loga di Lusso” brand in 2015. A lover herself of the luxurious elegance and exclusivity, she is obsessed with eccentric and controversial combinations of cultures, techniques and styles aiming to reintroduce the sense of timeless style, beauty, wealth and authenticity. Inspirer and designer of exceptional jewelleries and objects she focuses on a strong and unique design identity always open to the idea of customizing designs for her clients.

Loga di Lusso DesignerFrom the outset, the cornerstone of her philosophy is her appreciation of sumptuous colored gemstones which always intrigued and inspired her, their colors, their beauty, uniqueness and hues, their ability to be combined with every possible material and metal, precious and semi-precious so as to create a unique and innovative story.

Each creation is hallmarked by her signature logo, either engraved on each piece or used as an ornament or intimate part of the jewel and accompanied by the designer’s certificate of authenticity. She has a direct engagement and saying in every stage of the production from inspiration and design to hand carving and stone cutting and setting, from model making and polishing to hallmarking, where ass he cooperates with highly experienced, skilled and creative artificers and craftsmen within the jewellery industry so as to guarantee perfection, supreme quality and finishing.