Ukka Lelle


Daughter of a Finnish architect and a Cuban singer, UKKA LELLE loves design, colors and bold combinations.

She believes in diversity, in people and in great friendships.

She falls in love with passion.

UKKA LELLE is the mythical woman which inspires us.

About the designer

Marilina spend her early years between Athens and Thessaloniki, at a time when innovative stimuli around her affected everything and inspired her with the need for creation. Her restless and creative character was cultivated in the warmth of a family with particular inclination towards the arts, which actively encouraged the nascent young designer.

Her passion for the design of tasteful – with distinctive character- jewelry developed to a need for the absolute control in her creations and so she moved to the next stage, that of the production.

Restless spirit and always seeking ways to put the seal of her personality in her work, she turned with success towards the sales of luxurious articles for 20 years, satisfying at the same time, her need to be in contact with precious materials and metals, a contact which she “translated” in design and creation for her eternal love, Jewelry. At the same time she became an apprentice and worked tirelessly to improve both the art and her talent. The Benaki Museum, where she gets to know metal and its attribute to take shape and form, becomes her sanctuary. Next follows The Ilias Lalaounis Jewelry Museum, which adds the next sparkling touch in the way that she is inspired and creates her designs.

2008 is a milestone in her life path, since her vision becomes reality and she creates her own atelier with the name “Ukka Lelle”. Fully concentrated, in her own space, with her own style, she is free to continue composing her own “melodies” that take form and shape in noble metals and materials that she loves.