‘Amazon’ Lariat Necklace with Agates and Smoky Quartz by Loga di Lusso

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Exoticism, refinement, resplendence are blended in the design of this premier lariat necklace, accenting the conical shape as the shape of distinctive and bewitching simplicity. By matching the opacity of agate with the alluring transparency of a brownish briolette cut smoky quartz, an unbeatable unique piece is created addressed to edgy women with exquisite taste and audacious spirit.

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‘Amazon’ Lariat Necklace with Greenish Conical Agates and Smoky Quartz Drop by Loga di Lusso

Only one piece exists of this wonderful lariat necklace by Loga di Lusso. The necklace is handmade by solid sterling silver, has been gold plated and has been adorned with greenish conical agates and a smoky quartz drop. The necklace can also be comfortably worn as a bracelet.


Brand: Loga di Lusso

Type: Versatile Necklace (can be transformed into a bracelet)

Gems: Smoky quartz, Agate

Color: Transparent brown (smoky quartz), greenish with dense inclusions of orange bronze (agate)

Gems cut: briolette cut (smoky quartz), conical round shape (agate)

Gems dimensions:

Smoky quartz: 21mm/0.83X 10mm/0.39’’ max

Conical shape agate: 11mm/0.43’’ X 6mm/0.24’’ max

Necklace dimensions: 65.8cm/25.9’’ (total length incl.the clasp and the smoky quartz)

Clasp: Ring clasp (20mm/0.79’’ X 14mm /0.55’’)

Material: Gold-plated sterling .925 Silver

Tirage: Unique

Important notes:

Please note that the item might not be in stock (please feel free to contact us for item availability).


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