‘Fire ball’ Gold Plated Silver Wire Ball Ring by Loga di Lusso

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Aiming to exceed expectations for exuberant and uncompromising creations, this ring combines the simplicity of metals with the futuristic design, the lucidity of silvery flashes with the warmth of golden hues. The use of pure lines in contradiction with fluid delicate curves imposes the impression of a dynamic continuous flowing movement and gives prominence to the architectural structure of this jewel.

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Brand: Loga di Lusso

Type: Ring

Ring Dimesions: 24mm/ 0.94’’ (max. height over the finger) X 23mm/ 0.91’’ (max. width)

Material: Sterling .925 Silver, Gold plated Sterling. 925 Silver

Also available in 18k white gold and 18k yellow gold as well as in gold filled sterling silver by custom order. Contact us for details

Size: up to customization preference

Tirage: Up to 10 (Limited edition, hand numbered on the item’s certificate)

Important notes: Price is for one ring. Please note that the item might not be in stock (please feel free to contact us for item availability).


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