‘Green Crescent Moon’ Engraved Crescent-Shaped Jade Necklace by Loga di Lusso

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Being sparkly and opulent, this exquisite piece of art combines the traditional craftsmanship with the modern artistry, the transparency and reflections of raw citrines with the mystery and the irresistible allure of oxidized silver. Like a string of yellowish asymmetricbuds set around the neck, this necklace constitutes a sensual, warm and inviting temptation to all the senses, a creation which should be acquired and worn for the sheer pleasure of having things of superb beauty and quality next to the skin.

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Brand: Loga di Lusso

Type: Necklace

Gem: Nephrite jade

Color: Dark green

Gems cut: Engraved crescent-shaped

Gem dimensions: max 4.1cm\1.61’’ X max 2.1cm\0.82’’

Necklace dimensions: 44cm/ 17.32’’ (total length including the clasp)

Clasp: Oval spring ring clasp(3.7cm/1.46’’ X 2.5cm/0.98’’)

Material: Dark green leather cord 1mm/0.04’’, Sterling .925 Silver, Oxidized Sterling .925 Silver

Tirage: Unique

Important notes: Please note that the item might not be in stock (please feel free to contact us for item availability).


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