Hercules Knot Ring by A.LeONDARAKIS

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Beautiful silver hercules knot ring with a design influenced by the highly symbolic knot often found in ancient Greek jewelry. Handmade in Greece by A.LeONDARAKIS



Hercules Knot Ring

A beautiful hercules knot ring handmade in Greece by A. Leondarakis jeweler’s.

The ring is handmade from solid sterling silver and features the highly symbolic knot of Hercules. The knot is created by two intertwined ropes and is frequently found in ancient Greek jewelry. It is also know as “Love knot”, “Marriage Knot”, “Reef Knot” or “Square Knot”.

The Hercules knot ring discreetly carries the metal fineness stamps, the Workshop code ΩΙ3 and is sent to you in a lovely presentation box for you to keep or present as a gift.


Established in 1920, A. Leondarakis is a family run business with a long history committed in the production of quality, unconventional gold and silver jewelry with a recognizable identity.

The A. Leondarakis name ensures that this artifact is made with quality in mind and will be a possession to enjoy.

The Hercules Knot

The knot of Hercules is often found in antiquity. In addition to the dual nature of the hero (demigod), the knot signifies the bonding of life to death through Hercules ‘connection between the underworld and the world of the living. Over time it has also become a wedding symbol that symbolizes the untying knot between the couple.

The Hercules knot was so conventionally named after the knot with which Hercules used to tie the pelt of the Nemean lion around his shoulders. Nevertheless, the knot is an important ancient religious symbol.  Aphrodite ties her hair to a knot  while Artemis ties her tunic with a knot on one shoulder. In ancient art, periamma (circular knot) is the jewel that surrounds the naked torso of Aphrodite or Isis-Aphrodite, as well as the naked Eros.

The knot is regularly seen in ancient goldsmithery but also painted on tombstones, obviously stating the bondage of life with death through the connection that Hercules achieves between the two worlds.

Special deterring, preventative and healing properties were credited to the Hercules knot, which is why we often find it in jewelery that came into contact with the human body. (source: greek culture/ελληνικός πολιτισμός)


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Width: 0.65cm (0.25”)

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