ilias LALAoUNIS Decorative Collectible Brass Box with Sterling Silver Owl Medallion (SOLD)


Pre-owned ilias LALAoUNIS decorative collectible brass box with sterling silver owl medallion

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Up for your consideration a beautiful piece of modern history, a decorative ilias LALAoUNIS brass box which was presented to the Mayor of Athens by the American Community Schools of Athens. The box was offered on April of 1996 and is engraved on the inside of the lid. It is made from brass and is decorated with a solid sterling silver medallion that depicts an owl; the bird that usually represents or accompanies  goddess Athena. In Greek mythology the Owl has been traditionally used as a symbol of knowledge and wisdom.

ilias LALAoUNIS is a renowned Greek jeweler with a long history in the production of quality jewellery.


Country: Greece

Medallion Metal Composition: 925 Sterling Silver

Total Approximate Weight: 320 grams

Approximate Measurements: Diameter 14.2cm (5.59″), Height 4.1cm (1.61″)

Condition: Pre-owned condition with some expected light marks that can possibly be removed with polishing. Some light cracks. Please take a careful look at the pictures for detailed condition and feel free to ask any questions that you may have. Also please note that since the pictures are zoomed in any wear will not be as visible when the item is held at normal distance.

**Please contact us before purchasing to ensure that the item is in stock.


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