Miltos Pantelias Limited Lithograph Print, Woman Portrait, Framed


Original signed limited edition lithograph print by Miltos Pantelias, 20.8 cm x 15 cm (13.66″” X 23.62″) without frame

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Up for your consideration a signed limited edition lithograph print by Miltos Pantelias.



Portrait, Woman

Approximate Measurements:

with frame: Length 50.8 cm x Width 42 cm (14.48″ X 24.44″)

without frame: Length 20.8 cm x Width 15 cm (13.66″” X 23.62″)


Lithograph Print


Bottom right

Notes – Condition:

Excellent condition, some light wear on frame, not easily noticed.

* Please contact us before purchasing to ensure the item is in stock.

Miltos Pantelias

Born in 1954 in Athens.

He studied engraving and lithography at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts (1974-1978) at the workshops of Lagrange and Dayez and then at the Art Plastiques section of Paris VIII University.

He lived in Paris for eleven years (1974-1985) studying painting.

He has presented his artwork in twenty five personal exhibitions and several collective ones, in Greece and abroad.

He has made numerous engravings and lithographies for special numbered editions and poetry collections.

Paper’s fragility and sensibility becomes a predilection place for his drawings with the blooming figures. The oscillation between painting and drawing under sepia undulations and his wanderings between the image and the script spread over his canvases a mist of palimpsest of matter and time, the time of the confused memory.
The fold in palimpsest, the “inhabited” fold defines actually the new domain of his art language.

His artwork is included to many important public and private collections in Greece and abroad.


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