‘Pink Sensuality’ Asymmetric Pink Quartz Bracelet by Loga di Lusso

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Inspired by the magnificence of pink quartz, this stunning bracelet with the wavy oval asymmetricstones actually push the boundaries of sensual femininity to the ends. With every movement the sparkly facets of the stones counterbalanced by unsymmetrical silver grommets brilliantly reflect the candy “heart” of pink quartz and showcase the impressive brushed silver clasp.

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Brand: Loga di Lusso

Type: Bracelet

Gems: Pink quartz

Color: Baby pink

Gems cut: Faceted asymmetric wavy

Gem dimesions: 18mm/0.71’’ X 13mm/0.51’’ approximately

Material: Sterling .925 Silver

Size: up to customization preference

Tirage: Unique

Important notes: Please note that the item might not be in stock (please feel free to contact us for item availability).


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