Coin Jewelry

We are proud to host a large variety of coin jewelry in our collection. Most featured coins are from ancient Greece but Byzantine coins are also available. Our coin jewelry is handmade by A. LeONDARAKIS; a renowned Greek jewelry store and one of our main associates.  Hours of meticulous work by experienced Greek artisans are needed in the making of each jewelry piece so as to ensure that it complies with the highest of quality standards. Moreover, all coins are exact copies of actual coins and only precious metals are used in their construction. Additionally, as a testament to their superior quality, all coin jewelry comes with a lifetime warranty.



Since the coin jewelry is handmade, we can customize them according to your requirements. For example, if there is a coin in an earring that you particularly like but you would like it as a pendant, we can have it made for you. Additionally, if you would like a piece of jewelry in solid 18k gold rather than 14k gold, this can also be arranged. However, please note that we cannot make alterations on the coins themselves. Please feel free to contact us for details.

The Collection

Following are some examples of our coin jewelry collection. To view the whole collection please click here or select the “Coin Jewelry” category at the top menu.


Artemis Greek Coin Pendant
Goddess Artemis Greek Coin Pendant

Goddess Artemis coin pendant

The Goddess Artemis coin pendant features a B.C. 400, four drachma, silver coin from the ancient Greek city of Ephesus. With a bee on the obverse and a stag and a palm tree on the reverse this coin pendant is one of the most popular in our collection. It is available with a sterling silver or a 14k gold bezel.

Goddess Athena & Owl Coin Pendant
Goddess Athena & Owl Coin Pendant

Goddess Athena & Owl coin pendant

The Goddess Athena & Owl coin pendant depicts goddess Athena on the front and an owl on the reverse; the bird that usually represents or accompanies the goddess. At the moment you may find it on our e-shop with a solid 14k gold setting but you can also order it with a sterling silver setting; contact us for details.

Turtle Coin Dangle Earrings
Turtle Coin Dangle Earrings

Turtle Coin Dangle earrings

The Turtle Coin Dangle earrings feature a copy of an ancient Greek coin from the island of Aegina. Aegina is a small, mountainous island off the north-eastern coast of the Peloponnese and the earliest state in European Greece to adopt the use of coined money. The coins with ‘turtle’ design are considered “an important early trading currency”[1].

God Zeus Coin Ring
God Zeus Coin Ring

God Zeus Coin Ring

The God Zeus Coin Ring features a copy of an ancient (4th century BC) Greek coin. On the obverse it depicts Zeus while on the reverse god Pan sitting. In Greek mythology Zeus was the king of the ancient Greek gods.

Heniokhos Coin Keychain
Heniokhos Coin Keychain

Heniokhos Coin Keychain

The Heniokhos coin keychain has a profile portrait of the Charioteer of Delphi on the obverse while on the reverse we see Heniokhos holding his chariot. A wonderful keychain with intricate handmade details.