Ancient Greek Aegina Turtle Coin Earrings by A.LeONDARAKIS

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An impressive pair of turtle coin dangle earrings from the A. Leondarakis jeweler’s classic collection.


An impressive pair of dangle turtle coin earrings from the A. Leondarakis jeweler’s collection.

The earrings feature a copy of an ancient Greek coin from the island of Aegina. They are beautifully handmade from solid 14K gold while the coin is made from solid sterling silver.

Aegina is a small, mountainous island off the north-eastern coast of the Peloponnese and the earliest state in European Greece to adopt the use of coined money. The coins with ‘turtle’ design are considered “an important early trading currency”[1].

The dangle turtle coin earrings will be sent to you in a presentation box for you to keep or present as a gift.


Established in 1920, A. Leondarakis is a family run business with a long history committed in the production of quality, unconventional gold and silver jewelry with a recognizable identity.

The A. Leondarakis name ensures that this artifact was made with quality in mind and will be a possession to enjoy.


Length 3.3cm x Width 1.75cm (1.29″ x 0.68″)

Important notes:

Please note that the item might not be in stock (please feel free to contact us for item availability). Each item is handmade and not machine produced. Therefore, items that are not in stock might take up to two weeks to ship. Nevertheless, if the item is in stock, we will it ship in a maximum of three days.


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