Georgiou, Apostolos | Oil on Canvas Painting, Figures, 44cm x 34cm (SOLD)


Original oil on canvas painting by Apostolos Georgiou, 44cm x 34cm

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Up for your consideration a signed oil on canvas painting by Apostolos Georgiou.

THEME: Figures


with frame: Length 58cm x Width 50cm (22.83″ X 19.68″)

without frame: Length 44cm x Width 34cm (17.32″ X 13.38″)

TECHNIQUE: Oil on Canvas

Notes – Condition: The painting is most attractive and entirely original. Very good condition.

*Please contact us before purchasing to ensure the item is in stock.

Apostolos Georgiou


Nationality : Greek

Birth Year : 1952

Place of Birth : Thessaloniki, Greece
Occupation: Painter
Movement: Contemporary Art
Specialty: Explores the theme of human existence

Famous Artworks
“Untitled,” 2005
“Untitled,” 2006
“Untitled,” 2009
“Untitled,” 2014

Apostolos Georgiou is a Greek artist, well-known for his acrylic paintings on canvas. He has exhibited his work at a number of galleries and other art spaces and has been highly praised for his unique paintings.

Life and Career
Born in the second-largest city of Greece in 1952, Georgiou became acquainted with art at a very early age. Almost all his family members were involved in the field of arts and this gave him the incentive to pursue art as a career. In 1971, he joined the University of Applied Arts Vienna where he studied architecture. However, his inclination towards painting grew and he enrolled at the Academy of Beaux Arts in Florence to get formal training in painting and he graduated in 1975.

Art Style
Apostolos Georgiou explores the theme of man’s existence by focusing his paintings on understanding the situations where humans are trapped. His paintings reveal the profound feelings of solitude and alienation. The most eye-catching aspect of his work is that his paintings do not follow the conventional contemporary techniques and his self-styled humor makes his work distinct from the art of his contemporaries.

Georgiou’s paintings often capture the dynamic actions and this leave a strong emotional impact on the viewers as they are engaged in conjecturing and reconstructing the past and future of the scenes. Although his paintings focus on human figures, yet he chooses to keep them anonymous, which again evokes the idea of existential crisis. He does not believe in conveying a direct message to his viewers, rather his motive remains “to use painting as a medium and not as a message.”

Apostolos Georgiou currently lives and works in Athens. (1)

1952 Born in Thessaloniki, Greece
1971 Joined the University of Applied Arts Vienna to study architecture
1973 Enrolled at the Academy of Beaux Arts in Florence to study painting

Major Exhibitions
1994 Athens Art Gallery, Athens
1997 Art Forum Gallery, Thessaloniki, Greece
1998 Rebecca Camhi Gallery, Athens
2000 Rebecca Camhi Gallery, Athens
2003 Zina Athanassiadou Gallery, Thessaloniki, Greece
2008 Kalfayan Galleries, Athens
2012 Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki, Greece
2014 Rodeo, Istanbul
GB Agency, Paris
2015 AD Gallery, Athens
2016 Rodeo, London
National Gallery of Victoria, Victoria, Australia
Onassis Cultural Centre, Athens
Gladstone Gallery, New York

“Apostolos Georgiou: Galerie Xippas” by Barry Schwabsky, Artforum International



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